Pixel perfect content on display.

Your content deserves exceptional presentation. From brief to show, our video systems are meticulously designed to help you grab attention and engage audiences, bringing themes and messages to life through the imaginative use of state-of-the-art technology. Projection mapping, content triggering, real time content manipulation and interactive surfaces are just some of the exciting concepts we can create, along with more conventional presentations, in stunning clarity.

From fine pixel pitch, ultra-high-resolution panels to semi-transparent strips, LED flooring, indoor, outdoor and creative LED, Lightrent.PT is one of the largest LED stockists in the country. And our 90-degree corner panels can be used to build 3D shapes and immersive environments out of LED panels for a truly interactive experience.

It takes more than technology to deliver show-stoppers.

Avelina Rhyne, Event producer

We don’t stop at LED. We also offer an impressive inventory of high-spec laser projectors in a wide range of sizes, complimented by a suite of lenses. A huge stock of HD and 4K displays completes our collection and all our video systems are supported by a range of powerful media servers, 4K switchers, fibre networking systems and processing technology. Finally, our heritage in TV and broadcast means we can provide technical support for production as well as presentation of your video content.