We are thrilled to announce that Lightrent.pt has recently acquired the innovative Barco Encore3 switcher. This advanced screen management system is a significant addition to our inventory, setting a new benchmark in the audiovisual industry for live events. We expect to receive the unit in Q4’24.

Unveiling the Barco Encore3

The Barco Encore3, also known as the Barco E3, represents the pinnacle of screen management technology. It delivers unparalleled image quality thanks to its best-in-class Athena scaling and ultra-low processing latency of just 16ms. This ensures smooth live video feeds, seamless transitions, and visuals with a level of detail and clarity that captivates audiences.

Expansive Canvas Space

One of the standout features of the Encore3 is its expansive canvas space, providing eight 4K60 PVW/PGM outputs. These outputs can be configured in various ways, allowing for either single wide screens or independent screens, and support up to 16 fully capable 4K layers per screen destination. This flexibility makes it ideal for ambitious event designs and complex visual presentations.

Flexibility and Expansion

The Encore3 includes four flex slots that can accommodate either Gen2 input or output cards, allowing for future-proof customization. Each card can handle up to four 4K@60p sources, ensuring the system can grow with your needs. Additionally, the processor can link two chassis together through a 400G expansion link card, significantly increasing the available inputs and outputs for larger displays and widescreen applications.

New Creative Features

The Encore3 introduces several new features that enhance creativity and performance. These include 4K Cut & Fill capabilities and a freeform Multiviewer that can be used across all layers and outputs. The latest Event Master Toolset v10.0 release also opens new avenues for experimentation and expression, enabling users to push the boundaries of event design.

Why Choose Barco Encore3?

By incorporating the Barco Encore3 into our offerings, Lightrent.pt is committed to providing the best possible audiovisual solutions for our clients. This system not only enhances our capability to deliver exceptional visual experiences but also ensures reliability and flexibility for any event.

For more information on how the Barco Encore3 can elevate your next event, contact Lightrent.pt today. Together, we can create captivating and immersive visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Lightrent.pt, your trusted partner in audiovisual excellence.

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